How Deep Did It Go Down?

Is the EPA under-estimating the depth of the problem at its West Lake Superfund Site?

In 1979-1980 Gary Schneider hauled Bridgeton municipal waste to West Lake Landfill for BFI. He says the quarry pit was 75-feet deep then —  seven years after B&K Construction illegally dumped tons of radioactive waste at the same site.

The EPA has recommended excavating and cleaning up the same site to a maximum of 16-feet.




One thought on “How Deep Did It Go Down?

  1. Interesting, because the ROD history CLAIMS landfilling began in the North Quarry in 1979. Do they expect folks to believe the known RADwaste was allowed to sit in piles right next to the Rock Road for 7 years before they began using it for fill?


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