Timeline of events: 1939-2008
1939 / January 1942



April 1942 / December 1942

StLTimeline-003 - Copy


StLTimeline-002 - Copy

July 1945

StLTimeline-004 - Copy

August 1945 / 1946

StLTimeline-005 - Copy


StLTimeline-006 - Copy

1962 / 1966

StLTimeline-007 - Copy

1969 / 1970

StLTimeline-008 - Copy

1973 / 1974

StLTimeline-009 - Copy

1976 / 1995

StLTimeline-010 - Copy

1998 / 2008


The History of the St. Louis Uranium Processing Plant Radioactive Waste Sites by the St. Louis Remediation Task Force, May 13, 1996. [Source]


2 thoughts on “Background

  1. Very helpful information. By the way, I think that the name of the field at the University of Chicago was Stagg Field rather than Staff Field. It was named after their pioneering football coach, Amos Alonzo Stagg.


  2. ARTHUR LIEBER – You are correct, it was Stagg Field. I have studied the chicago site with DoE since 1993, along with doing special tours of Fernald, SRP, and Hanford. I did not know of this story however, so thank you 1st Secret City site !!! I’ve studied MANY of these original Manhattan sites for over 15 years, and all i can say is that there were SO MANY of these places around the U.S. helping with the A-bomb effort, that i don’t know if we’ll ever know them all. a big THANK YOU to the creators of this site !!! Without their interviews, we would probably never know of this site. I found out exactly how SECRET the project was when i was documenting Fernald Feed Materials; when the DoE was shutting down Fernald in the early 90’s, they wanted to know what happened in each seperate area of the processing plants, they turned to the AEC records……but, even the offical AEC records were in “Code”, so the ONLY way the DoE was able to find out the info they wanted, was to bring back some of the “Old Timers” ( their words ), that worked at the plant to decipher those “Coded” words in the AEC reports……that’s how strongly they kept security !!!


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