The Absentee Trash Lord

For the last 20 years, Republic Services CEO Don Slager’s name has been associated with the West Lake Superfund Site, the resting place of nuke waste from the Manhattan Project. He virutally owns the smoldering mess in Bridgeton, but nobody has seen him out on the Rock Road lately. So where’s Don hiding out these days?

Donald Slager

Republic Services CEO Donald Slager oversees a waste empire that includes the smoldering Bridgeton Landfill and its evil twin, the radioactively-contaminated West Lake Landfill.

In 2014, Republic Services CEO Donald Slager and his wife Kimberlee sold their mansion in Paradise Valley, Ariz. to a shadowy investment company for $5.4 million. Their whereabouts nowadays is uncertain. If the couple purchased another tony residence in the Phoenix metro area, they didn’t put their new digs in their name. Maricopa County property records indicate the only real estate the Slagers own are two pricey storage lockers. A third storage unit is in the name of the 2000 Slager Revocable Trust. All three are part of a Phoenix storage facility known as the Toy Barn and advertised as “garage condominiums.”


2 thoughts on “The Absentee Trash Lord

  1. Par behavior for most criminals. Convert and conceal assets and move to a safe undisclosed location. New Zealand appears to be the new hideaway and doomsday spot for the one percent


    • My grandfather died an early death due to exposure of radiation while working on this project in Oak Ridge. The government fought back during his dying days to not provide him with the 250k that the DOE promised (even though that obviously doesn’t solve much) through the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Program. It was until after his death that they finally awarded my grandmother this money. At this point, it is/was really too late to at least acknowledge their mistakes.

      My brother had non-hodgkins lymphoma 20 years ago, but my understanding is that NHL is not one of the cancers that would be passed down from a parent if my mom happened to be exposed when she was growing up in Oak Ridge.

      Has Bill Gates responded to any of the inquires? I saw him and Melinda on Ellen the other day claiming they would answer some of the toughest questions going on in society at this moment, so I am curious. Thanks


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